What's the big idea then?

Mornings could be so much better couldn't they? You could go to the gym or to yoga or sit around watching breakfast news, but why not start your day with an invigorating dance experience? This isn’t Zumba or Aerobics, this is conscious clubbing at it’s very best!

Is it like an after party?

Absolutely not, please turn up sober and ready to embrace the day ahead.

Who goes?

Morning Glory attracts a diverse crowd of city workers, media folk, artists, dancers and anyone up for a damn good Wednesday! 

Why should I?

Dancing is the ultimate exercise and we humans have been doing it for thousands of years long before treadmills and yoga mats were invented! Free improvised dancing in space (no routines here) uniquely wakes up your body, mind and creativity and will leave feeling more energized and alive than you could ever imagine.  


Need a kick to get you going? We have first class coffee, superfood smoothies and free wake up massages to keep you grooving and moving.

What time does it start?

Doors, dancing and music are open from 6.30am and we'll be partying till 10.30am. We recommend you give yourself at least an hour to get the full Morning Glory experience!

What do i do with my work stuff?

There will be a cloak room in operation.

What shall i wear?

Clothes that you can dance in and don't by shy about turning up in your PJ's.

How much is it?

Tickets are £12.50 advance & £15 on the door. Book here! 

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